Make a CD Cover Challenge

Just like the title says

Material Sources & Procedure

Purely for my reference, in case I want to do the exercise in the future

  1. Use the last 3 or 4 words of the from last quotation
  2. Use the article title as the name of the band
  3. Choose an image from the last 7 days at flick noting the Photographer image-maker

A quick fire exercise that makes you think fast on your feet. What was surprising was how ideas begin to flow when put under the cosh.


Thie title is

I choose the image from this selection

and chose


Things to take away from this exercise

Do not overwork the design unnecessarily sometimes an untouched picture and simple text layout is all that is required.

A rule of thumb I took away id that if the image is strong them the text should be kept simple and vice verca

Having said that keeping everything is not a bad idea . The canvas is very small. Not like record sleeves of the past. hence shouldn’t be cluttered unnecessarily

There is a lot to be said for simple, uncluttered, uncomplicated CD cover designs


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