Marconi Mayhem

Guilherme Marconi is a Brazilian designer, who started his career in web design.

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Sites displaying his work

Working Theory
His work remind alot of the goemetric art found in Alandalus (Andalusia). Such work was common through tile work which was common throught Spain, Portugal leaving its mark on these cultures. Both of which now have rich tile designs in their own right. Some of these traditions would have found their way to the new world via Spain and Portugal.. As such Marconi may have experienced such decorative art influences in his native Brazil.

It seems as though Marconi may have taken ideas from these traditional arts and reinterpreted their core ideas producing modern, extremely vibrant and innovative work. The regularity through repeated objects brings the same consistency found in goemtric design. His use of colour ( and limited colour palette ) is not dissimilar to that also found in these works

Of this could all be coincidence !

Marconi Macs

I chose easy to draw having very simple geometric forms. Macs have been on my mind a lot recently due to the fact I am currently build a HacPro (very time consuming, hope its worth it in the end) , and of course with the recent passing of Steve Jobs.

The Design uses several forms of all-in-one macs.
Started with these images.

and using the pen tool, made the following traces

div.symbols img { display:inline;}

Began to feel more comfortable with the pen by the ends of these. All that was left was to add colour and make symbols.


Using the various symbol tools to distribute them the result is below.

Each symbol definitely needs to be smaller. For a first attempt I think its ok. I think it suffers from a lack of variety of symbols. Six isnt enough, although I did forget to use one somehow. I think it would benefit from a greater range, perhaps 7 – 10. Or maybe its just the size which makes it appear that way.


For the second version:

  • reduced the symbol size
  • perhaps reduce make the borders to 1px.
  • Add the missing symbol, maybe a few others

For the third version:

Once I am happy with illustrator, and the distribution of the symbols

  • try out different Photoshop effects.
  • try to recreate the (simpler) effects in one of Marconi’s pieces

and finally, do the whole thing again using different subject matter


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