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Having certain ideas in mind based on the research, I was generally looking to use some of the following. I was initially thinking of using an abject common to music as show in my research, such as microphone, speakers etc.

Whilst looking for objects somehow I came across images of chocolates, and thought what a novel idea. The concept being the compilation CD is represented by box and inside are a selections of CDs representing the individual tracks

Then I thought what other would work? I considered a bottle of fine wine where each slice of the bottle represented a track. I like the idea but after drawing it it looked more like a leg of lamb!, after all you dont slice bottles!. What If I turn it around?

Now the track could be shown as CDs gushing out of the bottle, which lead me to the idea of using a tap. This kind of tied in with how we listen to music today. More often than not we listen to digital files which are streamed over a network , so we are really talking about stream and flows of data, not unlike water.

That captured one concept but not the energy of the music, hence I came up with the idea using an energy drink, now the rising bubbles represent the tracks. The fact that it is liquid the streams and flow of music (data)

Then what other things represent energy? Which lead me to fruits where each slice represents a track. The natural colours greens, yellows, oranges are associated with vibrancy, energy giving you a lift. Not unlike when listening to music

I this point I thought stop! otherwise this could go on a while, and opted to develop either the chocolate selection of the fruit. I felt they captured the ideas clearly, were the simplest.


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