First Logo

Using pathfinder tools to make  the following logos.olympic rings using pathfiner palette

The interlock effect was acheived by:

1. Pathfinder > divide

to create individual pieces at the intersections.

2. These were then coloured appropriately to give the appearance of interlocking.

3. The next step  use Pathfiner > Unite to rejoin the segments to form as complete a circle as possible.

3D Interlocking Rings

A slight variation on the above.

 Google Chrome Style Logo

The next logo reminds me of the Google Chrome with a hint of a Mobius Strip. Maybe its the colours. I found it surprising that such a pleasing effect was so simple to produce.

Starting with a circle, then creating a smaller misshaped circle inside.  

The next step is apple Object > Transform > Rotate at an angle of 90° and click copy until we have four circles filling the outer circle.

 Following this the circles are filled with colour producing something like the image toe the right. The the circles could have been better positioned to  make sure there is no white space left in the inner circle. the stroke are not needed so the next step is to remove them.

Making sure all circles are selected apply Pathfinder > Divide, colour the individual segments appropriately and rejoin where necessary using Pathfinder > Unite. the result should be like the following.


Pathfinder Exercise

This week we tackled the pathfinder tools. In the past this has been hit and miss for me. I never really understood what effect each option would have on the selected shapes. This exercise helped shed some light on that.

Each test began with the circle in front. For some of the tests I reversed the objects  to see the difference in the result The objects were purposely kept simple so I could focus on the behavior without too much distraction.

It became clear that the front object determined the color of result in most cases. The merge tool is very similar to the basic drawing objects in Flash.

Mesh Tool Exercise

Mesh Tool Exercise

first starting with practice to become acquainted with the mesh tool

This introductory exercise uses the mesh tool to add shape and form to the bamboo stems. These are then stack on top of one another ,whilst reducing the size, and changing the angle gradually to form long stems.

The same mesh tool technique is used for the leaves. The leaves are then made into a symbol, then using the symbol sprayer tool to place them on the bamboo.

Next drawing a simple ladybird and placing many copies on the bamboo.


Looking at Threshold art this week. I changed the foreground to see if works e if works in other than black and white.

Other ways to make monotone images

Here using the Stamp filter. Gives a clean edge more akin to a stencil

Halftone patterns give a nice result. Tend to retain more detail than threshold and stamp

Also works well when injecting colour. here I over saturated the colour for effect.