Grunge Brushes are so Average !

In this exercise we looked at the behavior of the average command and what effect it has on a path

An important point to note is that the beginning shape must have smooth points in order for out result to have smooth curves. Basically it bring point towards the centre. The images show the result when applied to each axis.

Having a basic understanding of how the average command works we made several irregular shapes and applied Object > Path > Average [ Horizontal axis ] to make swirling horizontal lines.

These were then duplicated and rotated 180° to create more variation before making a brush.

Making a brush is a simple process. Just a matter of dragging the swirling lines into the brush palette and choosing the required setting the dialogue box.

and you have a new brush ready for use. The brushes can now be used as the stroke on any path.

The type is  converted to a path using Object > Expand, ungrouped, then the paths are applied. It is possible to apply more than one stroke resulting in some interesting effects.


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