Drinks Can Design in Illustrator

Today we learnt create a realistic mockup of a soft drink in illustrator

Started by placing the background image and scaling proportionally to cover the desired area.

Next we created a mask to clip the background to the exact dimensions as marked out by the template. This was achieved by

  1.  Creating a rectangular region with correct dimensions
  2. Select both the rectangle and the background
  3. Through the menu selecting Object > Clipping Mask > Make ( ⌘7 )

After this it was pretty straight forward. Just a matter of adding images and text regions in the specific areas. The text tools are very similar to InDesign.

To produce the can we started by drawing a side view. Its width is the radius of the can. Then applying  Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel to this selection to create our 3D representations of the can.

Next the layout is saved as a symbol and applied to the can using “Map Art …”  in the Extrude & Bevel dialogue box.


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