Donut in Photoshop

Started by drawing two circles using the ellipse tool, selecting these in the Paths palette and filling with black(⇧F5). Then used the Warp tool to give a more realistic donut like shape.

The next step is to add volume and colour. This is achieved using several effects in the layer styles panel beginning with Bevel and Emboss

This gives us a pretty convincing shape. Now to work on the the colour. Using a radial gradient overlay with the panel setting below.

These are the colour stops I used but there are many possibilities.

Next adding drop shadow and an inner shadow. The drop shadow is simple enough. The inner shadow has the following values

The outer chocolate takes on a deeper color adding a touch of realism. In the satin option I reduced the opacity to soften the orange layer. Now for the toppings.

In brush presets altering the scattering until we get something like the preview windwow. Now its just a case of applying an appropriate colour.

My final touch was adding a Bevel and Emboss to the toppings layer to give the more dimension.


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