Moodboard Revisited !

After struggling to come up with other ideas and looking at possible color schemes I came across this well known brand. I never noticed that its symbol was a speech mark before. This gave me an idea to take the design in a whole other direction. Nothing too grandiose, no deep meaning , just straight forward simple and perhaps even fun!

I came up with a new board, containing these new ideas. Its much more light-hearted than the first.

The vodafone speech mark made me thing of speech and of course the mouth. Keeping it light, and very informal I drew inspiration from entertainment. Im kind of going for youthful, playful, energetic.  Lulus song came to mind. Its energy captures spirit of what Im going for

Possible Names

This should come a little bit easier than the first. Basically Im looking at informal, colloquial terms for speech, talk or phone(call) e.g.

chin-wag, babble, chit-chat, mumble, bell, buzz, utter, blurt, jibber jabber,tittle tattle, rabbit, rave, spout, rattle on, jaw

A more extensive list is here. So lots to choose from.

These are my prelim sketches


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