1. Natco

Started with my font Hiragino Kaku Gothic

and change the font metric a little making the central letter smaller the N and the O, adjusting the letter spacing etc.To make the double drop shadow effect I applied a Stroke [ color=black, size=4px ] and a Drop Shadow [ color= #c58917, blend mode = normal ].

Even though the stroke surrounds the letters It will not look that way when it sits on a black background. The backgrounds are shape layers. Just rectangles, then adding an extra anchor point and pulling inwards to make the ark. then colouring appropriately. The gold background has a simple drop shadow applied to it.

By adding the backgrounds it really begins to take shape.The only thing missing is the logo, a set of crockery.

This was simple enough to produce in Illustrator using the Pen Tool, Rectangle Tool and Pathfinder. I made the stoke colour the same as the background colour in Photoshop so everything should match up nicely. The last step to selcect all ⌘C and ⌘V into Photoshop as a Smart Object.

First one done!. The text doesn’t follow the contour of the background as much as it should. To do so I would have to convert the text to a Shape Layer. For now I prefer that the text is still editable


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