2. Caro

Starting with Microsoft Tai Le font and applying the following layer styles

First used Color Overlay to get a suitable brown. I sample this colour for my Drop Shadow and reduced it opacity. With Bevel and Emboss highlight I tried used using Linear Dodge for the highlight mode hoping for a stronger highlight but it made no difference


The highlight really could be stronger. Using contours perhaps ? or turn off Bevel and Emboss and use Inner Shadow [ color=white, blendmode=normal/screen ] thus using it to produce highlights instead of shadows.

The star is a shape layer. It started off as a square. I added extra anchor points with the pen tool and pulled them towards the centre.

Then it was just a matter of rotating it into place before adding the layer styles

I added a inner shadow, sampling the stars color. I couldnt get the right look for the highlight using Layer Styles so opted for quick and easy additions with the pen tool.

So here it is. The finishing touches were simple enough. For the nestle logo I started with with Helvetica, converted to a shape layer, and used the pen tool to make the necessary changes.

Its not quite in keeping with the nestle logo, certainly could of done a better jobs. Maybe next time!


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