3. Flora

Started off in Illustrator

Created a path for the RHS of the heart (1) followed by (2) Transform > Reflect [ vertical, copy ]. I did 1 and 2 several times until I was happy with the shape. Once I was hapy with the shape I went back to the RHS and and completed the path (3) , then modified the LHS so there was no overlap (4)

I used Pathfinder: Divide and remove the unwanted pieces at the overlap at the bottom of the heart, followed by Pathfinder: Unite to reconnect the small central piece back to RHS.

Now it just a matter of coloring the heart to match the official  logo.

I used these gradient fills matching the logo as close as possible, then ⌘C , ⌘ V into Photoshop as a smart object

I type the text on a path to give it a shallow curve, a green Color Overlay and a Drop Shadow [ color=yellow, blendmode=normal, opacity=100 ]

For the backdrop I pressed ⌘ CLICKed on the layer to load the Smart Object as a selection, used the Polygon Lasso tool  [ Add to Selection ] to add the insde of the heart. In Paths Palette I clicked Make work path from selection.

Gave it a white fill, and ⌘T to enlarge so that it encompasses the logo

It didn’t come out that great but was important since it wouldn’t be noticeable once I applied a  gaussian blur:15.4px

The heart could a little fuller at the bottom, but that’s just knitpicking. Overall Im happy with the result.


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