Design Brief

The Ad campaign is for a small mobile network operator recently entered the market.

The company sees itself young, vibrant and hip. Work hard, play harder!

To get the brand out there across the city the idea is to hit commuter traffic, both going to and coming from work.

Ads will run in the in the free papers Metro, and Evening Standard in an attempt to catch the commuter traffic at both ends.  Ads  will also run on escalator panels at key intersect stations on London Underground, and key bush shelters along school routes.

As you can image, a potential customer only has a number of seconds to digest an escalator ad before it passes them by, hence the word count should be minimal, but should leave with a memorial message, easy to grab on (hold on) to.

The criteria is for something bold, so it stands out from the crowd, with an element of humour or playfulness.

The companies selling point

  • cheap network calls ( national )
  • unlimited text messaging
  • unlimited internet downloads
  • competitive price schemes

The campaign can draw form any genre, but must highlight at least one of the above points.


Mobile devices nowadays are multifaceted, used for much more than making calls. Amongst common usages are

  • Text messaging
  • Music
  • games
  • Photos
  • Internet
  • Videos
  • Email

On public transport I notice a high degree of mobile usage. Their thumbs working like crazy engaged in some game. I chose this as a source of the ad. On of the key statements in the brief was the competitive pricing and decided to play with that.


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