Ad 1.

Here we are playing with the

idiom: It costs the earth.

The meaning of which is it’s very expensive! The ad visually shows  the literally meaning of the term in that the earth is under attack. But what is communicated is the idiomatic meaning, in hope that viewer will find humour in the play on words

Taking inspiration from the classic arcade game Space Invaders, the premise is that the aliens are descending on the earth, with the defensive ship doing it best to curtail this. In the attention grabbing call out we deliver the slogan

mobile charges shouldn’t cost the earth

Putting it together

ref: off with this image of the globe found at

I used Live Trace in illustrator to remove the watermark and give me a usuable image. Next was a trip to for the following fonts.

  1. invaders from space. The classic sprite characters found in he game
  2. Komika Axis and Comic Book for the slogan

Using the Star Tool as a starting point made a comic style call out. To finish off added the yap logo and a simple backdrop.


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