Ad 2.

Here again we are playing with the

idiom: It costs the earth.

The meaning of which is it’s very expensive! The ad visually shows  the literally meaning of the term in that the earth is under attack. But what is communicated is the idiomatic meaning, in hope that viewer will find humour in the play on words

Following the same approach as the first, but taking inspiration from film rather than games. I looked at classic poster design for 1950s sci-fi  B movies.

Came across a couple of old favourites.

I particularly like the space craft in the first. Everyone recognises flying saucers. These were good examples. In the second I love the main text. I think it still looks fresh toaday as it did then. A style that has been copied many times.

I proceeded to draw the flying saucer. I find it helps me gauge what to do when I get to illustrator.In Illustrator used Elispe Tool, and Pen Tool do draw the saucer. This is an outline view ⌘Y

and filled with various shades of grey and Stroke: Profiles and weight.

Next I did various composition sketches. Really rough! . Just to give me an idea what layouts would work.

The first toys with some Ideas for extruding text, kind of similar to Superman. The second goes through various layout possibilities.

Some assets are carried over from the first ad, the earth the logo. The flying saucers are ready to go. The main thing left is styling the text. This mimic ‘When Worlds Collide‘ in the classic poster above.

I achieved a close approximation using layer styles shown left.

Then merged these together. Using ⌘T and to tools under Edit > Transform I shaped the flattened text layer to give the desired look.

I made some variations of the text and layout compositions using Layer Comps


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