Ads in Situ

As stipulated in the design brief the campaign is run 3 key areas

  1. Free newspapers, Metro and The Evening Standard
  2. Along the escalator is key intersect Underground stations e.g Kings Cross, Victoria
  3. At key bus shelters along school routes.

1. Free Newpapers

An example of an ad placed in the Evening Standard. Its a 25X4 advert with dimensions 151mm x 251mm. The art work is sized accordingly.

This is a another example of full ad in the Evening Standard. Its a full page advert with dimensions 268mm x 340mm. The artwork is set to these specs with bleed and margins before insertion to the paper.

2. Escalator Panels

An example of one of the ads in an escalator panel in a key intersect station. These are digital panels and the ads were designed with that in mind. All the elements lend themselves to animation techniques. There is not much time for a person to digest content as they pass by which is why there is a certain brevity to the text. The text is intentionally bold, almost jumping off the design in hope that a commuter is left with the message of the competitive pricing scheme of the yap! mobile network.

3. Bus Shelters

An example of how the ad would look and key bus stops on school route. This demographic is a huge market and as such this ad is designed with this younger section of the market in mind, but at the same time does not exclude the over 20s. Game play accounts for a large percentage of  mobile usage.

Its bold and bright. The comic call out is striking, and the message is easily digested.

Started out with a close up picture of a bus shelter, masked out the original picture using an inverted vector mask, and placed my artwork below.

It seemed a little flat, unconvincing, so I took an image of crumpled paper , desaturated it ⇧⌘U and set blendmode = multiply, adjusted the levels to get the desired look. slightly burnt the edges ( non destructively ) and toned down the orange using Hue/Saturation
, finally added an inner shadow to the artwork to sink it into the ad space.


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