Inspirational Ads

Unfortunately didn’t do this in time to inform my designs, but still beneficial to look at the approach of the major carriers towards advertising. Overall It seem as though I have a preference for illustrative forms.


So many great ads by this carrier. This is just a small sample of the ones I particularly like. A common feature is the red housing for the strap line and other text. I guess it can be thought of as a large version of the speech mark logo.  Works well because of its consistency, you expect to see it. It makes their ads instantly recognisable.

Marconi work is always eye catching. Make for a pleasing ad wherever you his work.

I love the symbolism of this ads. This burger overflowing with every conceivable topping , garnishing is representative of the package great deal available with Vodafone.

I think the word ‘Thumbtastic’ and the little characters are great. Ties in perfectly with text messaging, since its the main method of input. Not much text needed here, the picture says it all.

Not sure what the being conveyed here as I cant read the text, I love the photography. A clean,  uncluttered composition that seem light, fresh.

The use of natural forms  ties in with the paperless environmental message is this ad. I Thinks the floral arrangements is effective. I particularly like how  the differing sizes cover the whole canvas. The ‘@’ symbol at the centre of each flower is a nice touch

The endorsement of one the the Largest franchises in cinema can never be a bad think. Although it probably has as much to do with generating interest in Star Wars Episode 1 3D as anything else. Either way makes for a fun TV ad.


Very minimalist design by Oscar Wilson You cant help but be drawn in by this very bold retro type. What I find really interesting is that other than the choice of colour, it doesn’t say anything about Orange, in fact this ad could work in a whole range of companies in lots of situations.

Its job is to grab your attention so I guess it works.

like the simplicity of this ad. The cloud region provides a nice region to seat the text. A simple illustration and easy to digest strap line.


“Search for Minutes” A really humorous  Ad campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi for T-mobile. Very simple imagery which is set off by implausible situations ( one would hope). A nice touch of Photoshop. Simple, yet effective.


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