Initial Research

1. Noma Bars illustrations for Wallpaper Magazine

A great series of illustrations for the over of Wallpaper Magazine. Many more to be found at Core77. I like how the objects such as the lamp and candles form part of the illustration. The fact that the image falls on a 3D space is different. Might be interesting to seat the text on these planes.

2. Editorial Images

Stuart Bradford regularly produces digital collages for clients such as Wall street Journal, Discover magazine. The images themselves no not contain type. The comes of the form of an accompanying article.

What appeals to me here is how the photographic, illustrative, textural elements blend together in his composition, and there seems to be much more regularity than say in Dadaist collages/ photo montages.  Also because there are so many elements, it can relate to different aspects of an article. The individual elements seem simple enough, but lots of filters, blending, brushes. Could learn a thing or two here!

3. Infographics

This appeals to me on many levels. Coming from a computational background I love how they provide a more pleasing and engaging method of expressing data. It surprises me how different the design can be achieved using simple 2D graphics. In this poster, the layout and typography carry equal if not more weight. The backgrounds surrounding key text draw your attention. The diagonal strip is a nice touch. All this directly applies to web design which is a plus.