14. Polio

Matter, Herbert 1950
The goal here was to try and recreate the look of the photo as close as possible. I want to increase what I am able to do in  terms of styles and  effects,  with black and white photos.

Really went round the houses on this one. In the end the solution was simple. Easy when you know how!

Started out with the following photo swings1951.jpg. Using the pen tool make a selection of the children in the foreground, and making a vector mask.

To the left is the result of the vector mask. Flipped the image ⌘T – Flip Horizontal, and  jumped ⌘J each to its own layer for repositioning.

These settings are applied to give the image its final look.

What is important in the levels dialogue is the bottom slider white position of 212. This seem to even out the white of the image to that of the background, which was what I was looking for.

Sometimes luck helps!

11. Olympia

Max Velthuys 1955, Germany

Drawing – tracing in Illustrator – ⌘C + ⌘V into Photoshop as a smart object.

The background is generated by the following perl script:

A very simple script which generates random numbers between 0 and 9, 40 per row, 60 rows. The output is saved into a text file for use in the Photoshop file.

The font use is Typewriter Condensed from dafont.com. Other than that  using recently acquired techniques.

10. Jeugd

Atlelir Lumax (The Netherlands) 1932

Used the Pen tool to create vector masks to isolate the 3 main images. Clipping masks for the the frames to the left.

The difficult thing ( for me ) here was trying to make the images to be based on only two colours. With a lot of trial and error, and a little research I found that the solution is  create duotone images.

Each image begins as  a smart object, that way the duo tone can be create idepently of the main file. This is important as one of the steps is to make the image greyscale which would affect the whole file

Starting with the original image

  1. Image > Mode > Greyscale
  2. Image > Mode > Duotone

Its necessary to adjust the contours to acheive the desired effect. The settings can be save and .ado ( Adobe Photoshop Duotone Extensions ) and reused for the other images.