Copying Posters

Copying Posters

My attempts at digesting a range of techniques which may prove useful for the final project, Words and Images. The posters vary in the degree to which they use type and images, some are image centric, some text, others a good balance between the two.

The work can be found here.

My primary source is  A century of posters by Martijn F. Le Coultre, Alston W. Purvis.  Its much easier to work out the techniques when the material is in your hand as opposed viewing internet copies.

The reason I chose this approach as a method of investigation

  • They are designed by renowned artist with vast amounts of experience. The hope is that in copying these I will have to figure out methods of achieving  similar results in the works thus enriching my own abilities
  • There is so much creative ideas, things I would never ( ever ) come up with. This is a way of ( hopefully ) increasing my own creativity
  • If I was to produce my own work in trials I would spend so much time thinking up Ideas ( which would not be very good! ) I would hardly get anything done. This alleviates that problem.

The goals are clear; to achieve a similar result to the original posters the best I can. In doing so increase my proficiency with Adobe CS. At the end of it be more informed.

Here Goes


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