6. Pi Volo

Cassandre, Adolphe Mouron 1924.

Ive always been a fan of Cassandre’s  work. This was more a challenge to myself to see If could replicate it. Its a little more involved than the posters Ive tried so far. Whilst drawing this I began to realise that it is geometrically proportioned, more akin to a draughtsman’s work than artist. I tried to mimic this visually the best I could.

Drawing – scanning -tracing in Illustrator.

After tracing the basic shapes above and adding highlights the result is the ⌘Y view to the left
Divide and Conquer!
The next stage was the difficult part. Using Pathfinder > Divide and Pathfinder > Unite to get the desired result.

In particular the highlights in the glass and the glass itself. These are negative space, hence need to be cut away and removed so the background can seen through the bird.

After a bit of time and patience I ended up with the following result

You can see this is much cleaner than the above. All the small overlaps have been made into larger shapes where possible, and the negative space removed.

If done correctly colouring should be simple.

The title is constructed out of basic shapes , using Pathfinder > Divide and Pathfinder > Unite where necessary.

Now were in a postion to ⌘C + ⌘V into Photoshop as a smart objects.

The texture can be found at sxc.hu. The file is 1389727_41258810.jpg. Putting it together is just a case of blend modes and adjustment layers seen in previous work


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