7. Avad Tanuja

Gorog, Lagos (Hungary) 1961, Witness for the prosecution.

What I like about this poster is that it combines photography, illustration and an expressive use of typography. It gives me ideas of how I might use type more expressively in my own work.

Started with the image knife in hand 2 available from sxc.hu, File > Place – traced in  Illustrator – Distort & Transform > Roughen, and repositioning to get the desired look.

The same technique is used to make the borders for the main title. The document is ready to be imported into Photoshop.

Now for the blue and green tints on either side of main image. Basically this image in the Marlene Dietrich folder is sandwiched between the tints above and  a solid black layer below. The vector masks cut through to the texture right at the bottom. The layer masks mask sure the tints are only applied to each side of the knife. The tint layers are set to blend mode = multiply

Started the the image of marlene to the left. Applied a vector mask to isolate the face. Looks pretty course at this point. Next I ⌘ Clicked the vector mask  to load it  as a selection. Then ⌘J to jump the selection to a new  layer.

With the selection loaded on the new layer, the next step was Select > Refine Edge ( ⌥⌘R)   to bring up the the Refine Edge dialogue and feather the edges for a much smoother transition, followed by Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal to face the other direction as in the original poster.

To stlye the image similar to the poster I applied Filter > Artistic > Poster Edges. It not a great match, but Its the best I can do right now. Theres a lot of new techniques going on in this attempt so Im kind of pleased.


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