Basic Concept

Title : Summer of Discontent

A series of imagery to support various articles covering the UK riots of 2011

My intention is to produce a pamphlet / booklet containing articles covering the events of the 2011 UK riots. The source of the articles will probably come from news sites. My goal is to produce imagery to support these articles. As such it wont follow a continuos story format with a defined beginning, middle, and ending; rather a selection of articles which in my mind cover certain issues which were raised surrounding the event.

I guess this can be classified under editorial graphics, as the approach taken attempts to visually represent some aspects of the each article.The main influences are

Both of them have produced illustrations for books, articles, journals etc. Leibowitz is the predecessor, and judging by the similarity in style I wouldn’t be surprised if his work influenced Bradfords approach.

A secondary influence was the work of various poster designs I came across whilst researching possible techniques, and approaches to the final project.

Targeted at an adult / young adult audience my aim is to draw attention to the events and succinctly present some of the factors which sparked, fuelled such, and led to such unfortunate outbursts

To produce the booklet will require drawing upon techniques gained throughout the course and more specifically a range of techniques gained during the research phase of this project. Primary software used will be Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign

Where applicable I will rough out ideas on paper to give me some direction, but due to the collage nature of some the intended work it will more likely be by feel rather than by design.

I dont want the images to fully stand apart from the article in a typical text – picture – text – picture scenario. That would seem to formula. I would like them to mingle in some way.

The Final work will be a .pdf file available on the blog.


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