Putting it Together


I drew inspiration for the cover from this WWII propaganda poster. I guess the intention was  to instil fear, discomfort, unease. In my case I wasn’t going so much for fear, but did want to unsettle the reader, at least remind them of the rabid mindset of people participating in the riot.

The image below  was my starting point available here.

Nothing of note here other that applying Posterize filter, and masking out a section of the image to seat the text.

2. Photo

This is the starting point for the image on pages 3 and 4. When I first saw this at the time of the riot, it was moment of disbelief. Living in North London, and walking up and down this street countless  times, both day and night I found this all so surreal. I found myself thinking

This isn’t something I experience or expect to hear about so close to me. This is something that happens on TV in other parts of the world!

That gave me the Idea to use the picture in that manner, with the horizontal line flicker, and reduced colour palette reminiscent of images of disturbance I see all to often on the News.

The Film Grain Effect tutorial and halftone filter combined to give the desired effect

3. Timeline

zamecznik, wojciech Warsaw 1959

Another poster appearing in my source book. I never had the time to attempt it whilst digesting techniques, but felt If I took ideas from it It would work well, as it seemed edgy. Also  I could reuse the numbers as dates.


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