Mixed feelings about the booklet

Overall I happy with project 3 from the following perspective

  • Knowledge and techniques.
  • Trying new things.

Knowledge and techniques.

I recall writing ‘What is TOD?’ mentioning that in project 1 I was unable to talk out techniques used to create covers, as my ability was so low. Whereas on project 3 I  could not only cite possible approaches, but felt comfortable replicating them or coming up with ways of achieving similar results.

In project 2 I felt that the work ended up being research heavy, and sparse on actual work produced. Don’t get me wrong research is of great importance, but at the end of the day I still have to be capable of producing work. Had it not been for my solutions being rather simple I would have really struggled.

This time around I went techniques heavy, trying to learn and digest what I could. As this was the last project I wanted to push myself; do something I haven’t tried before. As a result I probably neglected the research a bit.  I guess its important to find a balance.

A little Disjointed

I didn’t want all the pages to look the same in the booklet. I wanted a little variation, but I neglected the colour palette. This should have been the element which provided consistency. I think its a little disjointed. I definitely should have given much more thought to the colours

I should have spent a whole week going over Bradford’s style. I think in some respects I was close, but not close enough. Having said I have never come across any of his pieces that cover this subject matter. So, whilst borrowing from his style I had to go off in my own direction.

It wasn’t until The first week of September that I decided what I wanted to do for the final project, and what style to use. I just assumed that with all the techniques I had covered, whatever I chose would be a doddle I would rattle it off in no time. How naive!

I underestimated InDesign. Because I don’t use it often I struggled a bit more than I should have when piecing the project together.

I think the text fits with the imagery. Sourcing the stories online, I reduced them to fit, whilst trying to retain their essence and tie it to the imagery. Again it was a bit rushed. So may have missed the mark. I expected this part to be straight forward and simple. With a little more time it could have been perfect.

If I was to score each section:

  1. Cover 5/10. The components are there, the emotion is there but feels unfinished. The image is rugged and the text too clean, but became a little stuck on how to take it forward and had to press on.
  2. Photo 4/10.The image I feel is spot on. Its what I was going for. InDesign wise registration is not black! The grey around the image is plain wrong. I really was just munging text with little thought here. It should have been better selected. The paragraphs should have been equally weighted and aligned. A little work and it could have been and 8
  3. Timeline 4/10. Not sure about the colours. The text is my own. Under a little pressure to fill out the squares. Should have sourced the text better.
  4. Duggan 4/10. The elements are there. But the composition was never quite right. Each attempt didn’t make it worse, but then again didn’t make it better. Just settled on what I had as time was of the essence.
  5. Blackberry 7/10. Happy with this one. A few minor issues.
  6. Looting 6/10. Very close. The attempt at a graphic symbol for London was bad. Should have done something about that.

30/60 = 5/10 overall. Lots of good points but lacked polish

I think this is a fair mark, but then again I always score myself low. If I took care of the issues mentioned, it would be a 7-8/10

In short I learnt a hell of a lot in terms of techniques. I’m Pleased with that. Its Something I can build on. The final delivery was a miss but not by much


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