An Appreciation of Writing

I came across the company Dalton Maag by way of this  LCC article. I never fully appreciated the extent to which type is considered in products before reading some of the articles in their portfolio. Bang & Olufsen is just one of many. They are quite informative and really intriguing.

However what really impresses about this site is the writing style of the articles. Personally I couldn’t help but read one after the other. Great command of the language,  easy to read, yet at the same time very informative. Very professional.

Not meaning to sound pretentious, I don’t think my writing is a million miles away from this. Although I wouldn’t  ascribe the above accolades to my own writing! I think its something that with a little practice I am capable of achieving.

So, first stop. Who writes this stuff? certainly not some random guy/girl. I was familiar with the term copywriter but in truth never really knew what that meant, so a quick trip to wikipedia to clarify things. Wikipedia really is your friend for finding titbits like this.

So it seems we have

  1. Copywriters
  2. Content writers
  3. Technical writers

In short copywriters part of the creative process/team, and are responsible for text for ads and other promotional endeavours. So that whats we were doing when devising the textual content for our ads! Content writer is the title given when the written content is not strictly promotional. Even though copywriters and technical writers careers may overlap  it is  the job of technical writes to inform, rather than to persuade, e.g a copywriter writes an ad to sell a car, whilst a technical writer writes the operators manual explaining how to use it.

So I guess what I’m interested in is content writing, perhaps technical writing and adhering to whatever techniques they ascribed to, whatever writing styles are used therein.

I definitely think its worth adding to my skill set.

Ever since embarking on Graphic Design courses starting with NCFE Level 1 in Oct ’10 I’ve found writing is something that comes naturally. Maybe it was always there but there was just never a need when writing code or maintaining systems.

Anyway, loving the new found expression. Would be good to take it to the next level, and officially add it to my repertoire.

Some courses or books I think!