Little Girl Song. Implementation

Little Girl Song

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Since there was no lyrical content in this song it a good opportunity to do something at little abstract. I out mark-making as a starting point. Nothing too fancy just red and yellow poster paints dabbed with a sponge.

Really wanted to try out some mark making in this card

I chose this A4 sheet as a starting point

Converted to a smart object. That way I could try out various filters and setting non destructively

I settled on this. The range of colours and round shape seem like little sweets, which I felt was a fitting backdrop

To add a bit of mood I added in this A4 spray paint and set the blend mode to multiply . It actually car spray paint available at any pound shop.

I had im my mind to highlight a central artwork with a vignette effect. hence added a slight radial gradient overlay to the layer. At this point the background still seemed to flat so I tried various textures in layers styles with just enough relief to give the backgrop more form.

Looking for a representation of a little girl.

I looked at some silhouette brushes. Not finding what I was looking for I opted to simple illustration and bring over Photoshop.

I found this rather nice tutorial demonstrating little illustrated figures. And used this as a starting point.

The figure on the left is from the early steps of the tutorial. Just a series of rounded rectangles joined with a square to form the body. I only needed the first few steps as my requirement was for something with less detail.

On the right are my additions. Simple use of the pen-tool, and pathfinder to merge shapes to form the hair and body

imported this into Photoshop as a smart object. This image is black stroke on white. I knew that using Multiply would drop out the white background leaving the black outline. But because the was so much white peering through the backdrop I thought having a white figure would better suite my purposes

Applying an invert adjustment layer and blend mode to screen did the trick.

I made a few subtle adjusts in layer styles just so it didn’t look so flat. I added a very fine outer glow, just 1 pixel. It acts more like a blur to soften the figure and a 1ps shadow to provide a little bit of lift.

Again the changes are hardly noticeable, but when you turn them on and off the difference is clear

To complete the card I added some vector shape, reduced the fill opacity, and worked them in further with a soft brush on a layer mask.

Now finally for the text. At this point the whole thing reminded of candy. In my mind I thought oversized swirl lollies.

Straight away I knew I wanted something curly and styled as though a child and written it.

I went to There were many to suit my needs. I settled on TS Curly

Finally, to give it a little lift I gave it a stroke selected on of the dark colours of the backdrop.

The back cover is just a copy of the first with the pointilize filter removed and the cell size in crystallise increased. The more I look at it it looks better than the front!.

Final Work