Exploring Brands

1. iMac from Apple

The iMac is an all in one desktop solution from Apple. The original reaches back to ’98 which is not that long considering how may redesign, innovations have taken place.

i. Packaging

Packaging for the original iMac 99. A key feature of packaging is photography. This 5 iMacs layed out in a flower arrangement to the front, and gradient tint applied to the handle section  for the side. On both side photo have been used in an illustrative way. The large scale Apple logo occupies most of the space and draws your focus. This is finished with Garamond Pro font for the text which was the standard for apple a t the time.

Packaging for the newer model follows the same principle. It is extremely minimalist, housed in a snow white box with the photograph of the iMac taking centre stage. On the side is the logo. The choice of font changes to sans-serif Myriad  from about 2002 – present. This sans serif is more in keeping with the clean simple approach to design Apple has taken towards its products, especially across the  mobile products.

I think this early ad works on so many levels. The layout is in a flower pattern design ,thus associated with natural forms. The colours are really vibrant, consisting of primary and secondary colours. You could almost imagine each one berries or some other fruit. Almost good enough to eat! This is emphasised by the world ‘Yum’ in large bold type

If this was a food ad at this point you may be thinking ‘ Yeh I’ll try one of those’ or ‘I could go for on of those’. In the case of food you would be spending a few pounds tops. But here yore looking at several hundred, so whilst its not the deciding  factor its certainly contributory. These are well tried and tested psychological ties. Here they are used effectively in this technology ad.

What is clearly different here is there is no mention on hardware spec. You know ‘this processor’ , ‘that amount of RAM’. Its not what they’re selling. You’re buying an experience, a lifestyle, wrapped in a beautiful aesthetic, rather than a piece of hardware.

The ad is topped off with the iconic logo and the slogan ‘Think different’
tying it to Apple long running innovative campaign with references to some of the most influential figures of the 20th Century

I think this multi pronged approached reached quite a large demographic. The bright colours and small footprint appeal to a younger audience. The overall aesthetic for the hardware and tightly coupled software such as iLife appeal to 20 – 40s bracket, especially those with and artistic background. With the help of the think different campaign it resonated with the more intellectually inclined.

Apple was never going to win on the corporate front.  Microsoft was too well entrenched and remains so. Apple marketing targeted the non office usage for its ‘Get a Mac’ campaign. Here it came across as hip, trendy

2. O2

Quite different approach to marketing seeing as thought the products are non tangible. They are services, not something you can package up and buy. This leads to some interesting approaches to marketing. In fact its almost a license to do anything as you are not limited by the requirements imposed by a physical product. With no tangible products to market focus is purely on getting the brand out there. Brand recognition becomes even more important.