Layer Styles EveryWhere !!!

What with spending so much time on branding lately Ive begun to look at packaging in a whole new light. I was in the supermarket today and it hit me

Layers styles are everywhere! There just no getting away from them. I found myself trying to work out how some of them were done. A stroke here, a Bevel and Emboss there. Some are simple enough others not so much.

Anyhow, in an attempt to become better acquainted layer styles and photoshop in general Im going to start reproducing some of these Logo(types). See how much success I have. Might just learn a thing or two!

Starting with simple ones to build up a bit of confidence. Im not too bothered about exact font matches. Anything close will do to begin with. I dont want  to turn this into a font hunting exercise thus distracting me from actually trying things out, actually doing some work.

Anyway here goes! .