Logo Ideas

I toyed with the idea of incorporating the logo design as a part of the type. The first uses an early mobile phone shape as the letter Y. The second idea play with the stem of the Y. It imitates a signal thus conveying the idea of mobile communication.

The Third is similar to one the my prelim ideas . the Y form the mouth shape, and the character is slightly fleshed out with the pair of eyes.

I thought the second was OK but overall didn’t like the idea of interfering with the text in this way. Ive seen a lot of logo lately and for the most part they do not modify the font in this way. although I haven’t seen it stated anywhere there seems to be great importance on keeping the wordmark as legible as possible. Common sense really!

I kept coming back to this little character. The initial idea came from the pacman character and the sound it makes ‘waka waka’

Phone make all different sounds depending how you use them ring tones alarmsĀ  vibrate music games etc. I realised I could convey these different sounds and usages through the expression of the face of the character.

The character itself is a mobile device. Could be a phone in landscape or a tablet such as iPad or Galaxy Tab

This gives the logo a lot of versatility, whilst still keeping it lighthearted, fun. Below is a series of expressions IĀ  came up with, some of which I could use in different situations.

Taking it to Computer

Started of the basic form. The colour is a nod to pacman. Found it far to rigid. My character lacked character! Then played around with different line weights and distorting the shape

Wanting something a little freer I moved away from angle corners, rounded out the shape a little and changed the Stroke:profile. This gave a freehand appearance to the character. On the last line I rotated the character into a traditional handheld position and repositioned the antenna

My preference was for the widescreen position because it also represent other mobile devices such as tablets


Rough Sketches

These are my sketches showing some of my thinking

I started off with the the flowers in the top right, and how insects move from one to another. In doing so cause pollination, rejuventation. I likened this rejuvenation to creation of thoughts, sharing of ideas etc between individuals when engaged in this act, and the mobile provider as the insect that facililtates this. Also I thought the idea of flight represented freedom of movement, mobility. So I went with this concept.

I tried out different wing and body configuration in hope of finding a pattern that I liked, or thought might work. I ticked a couple along the way that I would come back to later

Here I tried looking side on, hoping to get a reduced form that might work. At this point I kind of felt stuck, probably over committed to the butterfly idea, which wasnt working that well, but nothing else came to mind.

This is trying to flesh out one of the earlier ideas which was just a pen stroke. Im trying to give ot some substance some form, but my drawing skills are not that great. I just feel something is missing.